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Population with whom Dr. Londa works:

   • Adults
   • Adolescents



   • Individual and couples psychotherapy
   • Supervision and consultation to students and clinicians


Psychotherapy Process:

   • Allow the mind to wander
   • Say everything that comes to mind without censorship or judgment
   • Learn how personal history, dreams, and fantasies influence present circumstances 
   • Become aware of defenses and how they cause illness and distress
   • Awareness leads to insight, and insight leads to change


Psychotherapy Goals:    

   • Increased self-knowledge
   • Freedom from the domination of symptoms
   • Energy to pursue productive aims
   • Fulfilling work
   • Satisfying relationships




© 2011 Jessica B. Londa, Ph.D.

Dr. Jessica Londa is a licensed clinical psychologist, who works in a private practice setting in Thetford, Vermont.


To make an appointment or request more information, please call             

Dr. Londa at 802-785-2434. Email cannot create the kind of 

personal communication that this work requires.

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