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Supervision and Consultation


In addition to providing theoretical training, ethical guidance,

impasse resolution, problem solving and clinical management,

supervision and consultation help clinicians step back from the

turbulent emotional field into which they have been drawn.

The aim is to help therapists clarify what is happening in the



This is accomplished by discovering the covert relationships

between the patient and therapist that elude the awareness of

the therapist. Unconscious memories are relived in the therapy,

memories not only of the patient, but of the therapist as well. 

The former are called transference, the latter, countertransference. The dynamic interaction of these two forces constitutes the life of the therapy. It is upon this interaction that I and the supervisee/colleague focus. Without neglecting the events in their daily lives, special emphasis is laid on understanding patients’ dreams, free associations and fantasies.




© 2011 Jessica B. Londa, Ph.D.

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