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“[Dr. Londa] pushed me to think of therapy in a different way and to be curious about everything. This has helped open my mind to be more compassionate towards patients and more genuinely interested in them as people -- it's nice to see the genuine respect she has for her patients. She has an uncanny ability to hone in on the important things that my patients say, and interpret them in ways that always come back to be true. She is very intelligent, dedicated to teaching, and always excited to recommend readings.”


Anonymous feedback from a psychiatry trainee,

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center,

Lebanon, New Hampshire


“I have known Dr. Londa's work quite well over the past fifteen years, as a colleague, supervisee, and as an advanced student of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I have referred patients to her as well as asked her to read and edit papers prior to submission for publication. Her skills and openness to new ideas and new people are impressive. Although Dr. Londa is theoretically well-informed, her speaking and teaching are conducted in plain-speak.”

Gilead Nachmani, Ph.D., A.B.P.P.

Fellow, Training and Supervising Analyst, and Past President

William Alanson White Psychoanalytic Society

New York, New York


“I have consulted with Dr. Londa in couples therapy, community group psychology, analytically-oriented psychotherapy and group supervision with other colleagues. She has an acute intelligence and a rare natural gift for depth psychotherapy. Dr. Londa not only quickly grasps complexity, but also, can see through obscure clinical problems with penetrating insights. In addition, she has always been rigorously ethical in her interactions with patients, community members and colleagues.”


Douglas H. Betts, M.D., Psychoanalyst

Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry

University of Vermont College of Medicine

Burlington, Vermont


 “I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Londa over the course of the last several years in situations of significant challenges to both intellect and personal resources. I have observed Dr. Londa assess clinical needs incisively and provide needed interventions at considerable personal risk, demonstrating Dr. Londa’s long term commitment and care. Throughout, Dr. Londa demonstrated rigorous attention to a high standard of ethics with both colleagues and patients.”

Teresa Canal Meyer, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist-Doctorate

Shelburne, Vermont




© 2011 Jessica B. Londa, Ph.D.

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