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Covid-19 Policies


Please note that UPDATES are provided with most recent posts first.


UPDATE: As of March 7 2020, fully vaccinated people who are more than 2 weeks post 2nd vaccine may resume in-person treatment in the office. An additional consent form will be signed; masks will be worn; hand sanitizer will be used at the beginning and end of each hour;  your temperature will be taken at outset; you will be asked if you have any symptoms, or have any reason to think you may have been exposed; an air purifier will be running. I will disinfect all door handles and spray the air and the couch with disinfectant spray. The waiting room is closed, so please do not enter until just before your appointment time. The restroom is available for urgent or emergency use only. I apologize for the inconvenience. 


UPDATE: As of December 15, 2020, all psychotherapy, consultation and supervision will be held by video conference ( or by telephone. I hope to resume in-person outdoor meetings in the spring.


















UPDATE: As of November 16, 2020, as per Governor Scott’s new restrictions, all in-person, OUTSIDE meetings will require all participants to wear face masks until further notice. The majority of sessions will occur by telemedicine or telephone. Here is a link to the Governor’s latest order:


UPDATE: As of August 31, 2020, the option of in-person meetings OUTSIDE in a pop up tent with open sides resume, weather permitting. There are still NO in-person meetings inside my office, and no access to the restroom.


Informed Consent to Treatment within this new frame work will be codified and you will be asked to review it and sign it. A copy is posted below. I ask that you use hand sanitizer at the outset of each hour. I will then take your temperature with a digital, no contact thermometer. If you have any fever, the session will not be conducted. If you have no fever, I will ask 3 questions at the start of each hour: 


1)    Are you experiencing any symptoms of Covid such as fever, cough, loss of smell or taste,

       or body aches?

2)    Do you think it likely that you have been exposed to the virus?

3)    Have you traveled anywhere outside the Upper Valley since our last meeting? 


If the answer to any of these is affirmative, we will not meet in person.


If you are a member of a high risk group, or feel uncomfortable about in-person outdoor meetings, please do not attend sessions in-person. We will arrange telephone or telemedicine. 



UPDATE: Patient health and well being are my priorities. As of March 20th, 2020sessions will be conducted by telephone or HIPAA compliant videoconference. Telemedicine has a number of pros and cons. There are options of working by phone and by videoconferencing.


Please see the Telemedicine page for articles on pros and cons of remote psychotherapy, effects of videoconferencing, and a copy of my Telehealth Consent Form.


A copy of Remote Session Guidelines, which will provide some assistance as we transition, is available on the Telemedicine page as well.




© 2020 Jessica B. Londa, Ph.D.

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